We believe the IP address is as important as the street address. 
Bandwidth Now® designs, deploys and manages Next Gen building networks. Our patent pending Building Optical Network (BON) design enables buildings to Aggregate, Automate, Integrate and Enable.

100 years ago we boldly made the move from kerosene to electricity...by installing a common agnostic in Building Electrical Network.  Today, Next Gen buildings treat "optical wires and switches" like "electrical wires and transformers" ...essential building infrastructure that is owned by the building and managed by a third party.

The BON Aggregates (Bandwidth as a Utility), Automates (Smart Services), Integrates (Building Systems) and Enables (Wi-Fi/Other)...delivering higher quality service to building tenants at a fraction of the cost.  Information at Light Speed®. Wired and Wireless.  Simple.